Welcome to Senator Power Systems

We are leading designers and suppliers of mission critical systems and reliable AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC Converters, High Voltage Battery Chargers for the aerospace, defence, space and automotive sectors. Our product lines include custom, semi-custom and off-the-shelf power supplies designed for the toughest of environments.

Senator aspires to a higher purpose that extends far beyond designing products, our knowledge, experience and passion for all things power electronics will add value to your organization.

The company prides itself on providing excellent customer service, collaborative working approach and most importantly delivering high quality products.

The future is hybrid and electrified propulsion

The Aviation industry like the Automotive industry has committed to systematically and gradually reducing their carbon footprint within a clearly agreed timescales globally. The advent of electrified propulsion systems for the Aviation industry will eventually become a reality. The future sustainability of the Aviation industry will require electrified propulsion systems in order for it to meet the de-carbonization legislations it is required to meet. Therefore, the options for air travel in the future will be battery electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered propulsion systems.

Our vision is to create and develop products that will help reduce our customers’ carbon footprint whilst ensuring our products can be adapted to other industries such as the renewable energy sector with minimal modifications to the same product baseline. Our motivation is driven by deep knowledge and experience of the Aerospace and Automotive industries where the company has made significant contributions in design and development of highly efficient products.

Solutions and Services

Senator Power Systems has developed highly efficient and versatile power supplies that can be adapted with a high degree of integration, safety and reliability to your needs.

Our Latest Products

Our products are designed utilising Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Using this modelling approach Senator Power Systems can create virtual representation of a real-world system, this allows us to see how it functions but also how it behaves in the simulated environment. Coupled with the ability for Senator Power Systems to support process model simulation and analysis truly replicates the system behaviour accurately and measure its performance that cannot be recreated by hardware prototypes alone. This allows us to save our clients time and cost whilst improving quality of system design early in the development lifecycle.