Our Latest Products

Our products are designed utilising Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Using this modelling approach Senator Power Systems can create virtual representation of a real-world system, this allows us to see how it functions but also how it behaves in the simulated environment. Coupled with the ability for Senator Power Systems to support process model simulation and analysis truly replicates the system behaviour accurately and measure its performance that cannot be recreated by hardware prototypes alone. This allows us to save our clients time and cost whilst improving quality of system design early in the development lifecycle.

AC-DC Power Supplies

We have a wide range of AC-DC isolated and non-isolated power supplies, the addition of Sensor-less Field Orientated Control power supplies further enhances our product range.

DC-DC Converters

Senator’s highly efficient, high reliability DC-DC Converters are compact and especially suited to applications where space and thermal management are of paramount importance.

Battery Chargers

Our Battery Charger range comprises of low power battery chargers and high-power Battery Chargers.

EMI Filters

Senator’s extensive experience in design and development of MIL-STD-461 compliant power supplies empower us to design and build bespoke EMI filters tailored to customer specifications.

Other Electrical Components

Electrical equipment including custom design, control units, sensors and amplifiers.