We are leaders in technology development

Our team of expert engineers have been at the forefront of technological developments and they come from diverse backgrounds including BAE Systems, Leonardo, Rolls Royce, GE, Jaguar Land Rover, ZF Automotive and Panasonic.

Innovative Products

In the past couple of decades, the green initiative has been welcomed by many organizations throughout the world to lower their carbon foot print and create a better world for the future generations. Our products are designed to support the green initiative to make the transition from use of fossil fuels to fully electric power and propulsion systems. This is evident in the innovative products we have developed for the aerospace and automotive industries that provide solutions to the problems and environmental challenges the world is facing.

Sustainability Strategy

At Senator Power Systems, we aspire to a higher purpose that extends far beyond developing products. With our Sustainability Strategy we aim to push the boundaries of technology and innovation by becoming a catalyst for change in our industries.