AC-DC Power Supplies

We have a wide range of AC-DC isolated and non-isolated power supplies, the addition of Sensor-less Field Orientated Control power supplies further enhances our product range.

Our Sensor-less Field Orientated Control power supplies utilize digital control of motors and permanent magnet generators achieving 95% efficiency enabling the power system to operate optimally and efficiently. The weight, size and cost of your motor or permanent magnet generator within the power system will be significantly reduced when combined with Sensor-less Field Orientated Control power supply therefore leading to improvements in overall system efficiency.

In Sensor-less Field Orientated Control the excitation for the stator and rotor of the electric machine or permanent magnet generator are independently controlled and the produced torque and flux can be independently tuned. We use 32Bit family of controllers to facilitate rapid computation of the power delivered to execute complex control algorithms along with the right mix of peripherals to interface with various components of the hardware.

Senator’s extensive knowledge and experience of power supplies, electric machines and permanent magnet generators will address your design challenges.